Houseparty says it wasn’t hacked, offers $1 million for ‘smear campaign’ proof – Engadget

We are investigating indications that the recent hacking rumors were spread by a paid commercial smear campaign to harm Houseparty. We are offering a $1,000,000 bounty for the first individual to provide proof of such a campaign to — H… [+1101 Screen Magnifier For Phone]

Coronavirus pandemic alters life as we know it: Live updates – CNN

Kohl’s will keep stores closed until further notice and furlough its staff, the company said in a release Monday. Kohls originally planned to stay closed until at least April 1. The retailer now says it will extend that time frame to “protect the health and … [+1029 Murottal Alquran Juz 26 Merdu Penyejuk Hati dan Penenang Jiwa]

Trump’s Virus Defense Is Often an Attack, and the Target Is Often a Woman – The New York Times

Women see this and theyve all been on the receiving end at some point in their lives, said Cecile Richards, the former president of Planned Parenthood and a founder of Supermajority, a new womens advocacy group. When you actually poll women who did vote for h… [+2060 Murottal Alquran Juz 26 Merdu Penyejuk Hati dan […]

Shaquille O’Neal addresses appearance on Netflix’s ‘Tiger King,’ says he ‘had no idea’ what went on behind scenes at zoo – ESPN

Shaquille O’Neal is playing some defense while the NBA season remains suspended. The Hall of Fame center attempted to clarify his brief appearance on the hit Netflix documentary “Tiger King,” saying that while he loves big cats, he “had no idea” what was goi… [+1631 Murottal Alquran Juz 26 Merdu Penyejuk Hati dan Penenang Jiwa]

Laura Ingraham calls out Trump for dodging question about struggling businesses on “Fox & Friends” – Salon

President Donald Trump attempted to take credit for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s widely-praised response to the coronavirus pandemic Monday despite having rejected New York’s pleas for additional life-saving ventilators. Trump, who on Sunday bragged that the ratings … [+3908 details]

2 Top Democratic Groups Form Alliance to Support Joe Biden – The New York Times

Just on Friday, the group announced an additional $17 million digital ad buy. The partnership between American Bridge and Unite the Country represents an attempt to present themselves as this campaigns leading outside Democratic entity and to pre-emptively b… [+1180 more]

FDA Approves Anti-Malarial Drugs Chloroquine And Hydroxychloroquine For Emergency Coronavirus Treatment – Forbes

In this photo illustration a pack of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate medication is held up on March 26, … [+] 2020 in London, United Kingdom. U.S. President Donald Trump recently promoted Hydroxychloroquine, a common anti-malaria drug, as a potential treatment f… [+3162 keto dieting]

This Fireball Ignored the Solar System’s One-Way Signs – The New York Times

It gained orbital energy from the close encounter the same way a space mission might use a slingshot maneuver, he said, referring to the orbital navigations NASA and other space agencies use to speed robotic probes toward their destinations. That sent it car… [+1333 loss of weight]

Next 100 days: Ford, GE Healthcare will team up to produce 50,000 ventilators in Michigan – Detroit Free Press

Ford Motor Co. and GE Healthcare announced on Monday plans to produce 50,000 ventilators in the next 100 days with the support of 500 UAW members in Michigan to help in the battle against the novel coronavirus. A new simple ventilator design, licensed by GE … [+3489 more info]

Furloughs at Macy’s, Gannett and Gap signal mounting economic distress – The Washington Post

Major companies signaled a new wave of economic distress Monday, sending hundreds of thousands of workers home without pay, as the Trump administration scrambled to get stimulus money to Americans already feeling the weight of unpaid bills. Macys announced i… [+6844 click here]