Human sperm roll like ‘playful otters’ as they swim, study finds, contradicting centuries-old beliefs – CNN

(CNN)More than 340 years ago, a Dutchman named Antonie van Leeuwenhoek invented a powerful new compound microscope and accidentally discovered the existence of bacteria, a groundbreaking achievement … [+3407 canecas personalizadas em São José dos Pinhais]

Young coronavirus survivor says she couldn’t recognize her body after double lung transplant – CBS News

A Chicago woman who last month became the nation’s first COVID-19 patient to undergo a double lung transplant said Thursday that she woke up days later, unaware about the surgery and unable to “recog… [+3654 The Asigo System Review]

Eurozone GDP shrinks at the fastest rate in history, losing 12.1% in the second quarter – Business Insider

Reuters Eurozone GDP fell by 12.1% in the second quarter of the year, its biggest single quarter drop in history as the coronavirus’ true impact on the continent’s economy emerges. GDP fell by 12.1… [+2042 The Asigo System Review]