Elon Musk says SpaceX’s internet service is available in Ukraine, sending more terminals – CNBC

SpaceX’s internet service Starlink is available in Ukraine and more terminals are being sent to the country, according to the company’s CEO Elon Musk. The conflict-hit nation has seen internet disru… [+1295 Lemon Juice weight loss – best way to lose weigh]

Russian airliners still welcome in Canadian airspace despite Ukraine invasion – Fox Business

Canadian officials say the country’s skies remain open for Russian airliners to fly through, according to a report. Several European countries, meanwhile, have shut their airspace in response to Mos… [+1292 Lemon Juice weight loss – best way to lose weigh]

Top European Court Rules E.U. Can Freeze Aid to Poland and Hungary – The New York Times

The use of this mechanism is the latest in a series of legal and political battles over what E.U. officials see as a deliberate attempt by the government of Hungarys prime minister, Viktor Orban, to … [+1677 best video marketing for restaurants 2022]

Bob Saget’s family sues Orange County offices to stop release of further records – WESH 2 Orlando

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —Bob Saget’s family has filed a lawsuit against Orange County Sheriff John Mina and the medical examiners office to block the further release of medical records. The lawsuit clai… [+2736 best video marketing for restaurants 2022]